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Prison Inmates Catfished $560,000 Out of Military Service Members in Sextortion Scam, NCIS Says

Prison Inmates Catfished $560,000 Out of Military Service Members in Sextortion Scam, NCIS Says

A huge selection of military service users apparently got caught up in a sextortion scam run by prison inmates cellphones that are using in accordance with a launch released on Wednesday by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).

Army agents from multiple investigation that is criminal have offered summons and issued warrants for arrests associated with the scheme

In line with the NCIS, sc and new york prison inmates, assisted by outside accomplices, sought after solution members through dating sites and social networking, then t k in false identities, feigned romantic interest, and exchanged photos.

After the inmates had successfully catfished their goals, they would then pose as the dad associated with persona that is fake insisting their child was underage and that the target had therefore committed a crime by exchanging photos. The“father” claimed he wouldn’t press charges if the target gave him money in some situations. Sometimes the catfisher would pose as police force requesting cash for the household.

This as a type of extortion is becoming ever more popular in the last few years. a search on the subreddits r/ legaladvice and r/scam change up several instances by which everyone was swept up in a similar grift. But Wednesday’s statement through the NCIS implies that also inmates were evidently in a position to display this type of con with (presumably) restricted access to the online world.

“With nothing significantly more than smart phones and a keystrokes that are few sc inmates along with outside accomplices victimized a huge selection of people,” Daniel Andrews, director of the Computer criminal activity Investigative Unit of Army Criminal Investigation Command, stated in a declaration.

One post about this form of con on the Scams subreddit from couple of years ago ended up being published by somebody claiming to be a ongoing service user.